About us

About our company

We are a reputed group of property developers engaged in the business of developing and selling layouts and properties since 2005 in and around Bangalore. We are known for our commitment to service and quality properties. Check our projects section for our latest properties.

Our Vision

To provide value to the clients through our continous commitment to the quality.

Our Mission

To be the leading developers of properties and providing quality service to customers

Our Team

Mr. V. Raghuraman
- Managing Partner - Value Properties
Chief Executive Officer, Value Enclaves

Mr. V. Raghuraman is the visionary behind the companies M/s. VALUE ENCLAVES ( Being the proprietor of this firm), and M/s. VALUE PROPERTIES, a partnership concern, both launched in April 2005, as Property Development Concerns. He has dedicated himself for these projects totally now since then, and is responsible for their growth from scratch.

He is an Engineering Graduate from REC Suratkal, and has wide experience in management and marketing.

He had been on the board of several companies involved in the computer and allied industries. He had been dealing with the MNCs for the past 15 years, representing them in India , having settled in Bangalore since then.

- PARTNER, Value Properties